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Gepostet am 4. Oktober 2016 um 4:55

I have been greatly touched recently by the very deep messages by Natalie Glasson (www.omna.org).  

She channels the "Celestial White Beings" and they talk about the new energies of 2017. This is just an exerpt.

 "In 2017 you are downloading a new perspective of love, meaning that your whole body and mind are experiencing the rewiring which has been instigated by the Beings from Venus throughout 2016. ...Earth will become the "new Planet of Love". 

With the synthesis of your personality and soul, you may feel the urge for action, following your inner guidance to discover if it is appropriate for you.  However, the greatest shift will be that you wil recognise that action comes from within you.  More so you will realise and experience that you are the world, all of humanity, the Earth and the Universe of the Creator, if action and the manifestation of love is required, then it must first begin within you as you are connected to all. 

This is more then sending love to a situation; this is energetically becoming the situation you wish to manifest.  Felling, sensing and experiencing what this new benevolent and loving situation is like as it forms, builds and exists within your being, then projecting it from your third eye and heart chakra to where it is needed.  

This way you will become an achor and a creator of new loving situations and actions upon the Earth.  This is love in action.

My affirmation is: Love is my role, mission and purpose; love will continue to guide me as we become harmonised in oneness."

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