Vortex is my favorite workshop to teach!

I just love the cards and patterns, they are quick and easy to use.

Workshop times online:

Wednesday, 15 April 8 - 12

Thursday 16 April 14 – 17.30

Monday 20 April 14 - 17.30

Wednesday 22 April 8 – 12 and 15 – 17.00

Vortex Workshop this April

Are you spontaneous? ​Do you want to experience all the Vortex cards and Vortex tools, and learn about this amazing Life Alignment healing modality very soon whilst still at home? Do you like the idea of only short learning sessions, spread over a whole week?

Then this is for you! Perhaps you just need a “brush-up” on the latest cards?

In this fun and interactive workshop, you will “meet” and experience each Vortex card and tool individually. You are getting to know them as friends and making a personal connection.

Each card works with elements, beings of light, special qualities and even has personality! I will share lots of personal stories and experiences, and you will have the opportunity to feel each card and tool on your body, as well as observe its healing effect on the mind/emotions and even on your home space. Some cards work with food and water, others with crystals or plants, soil, the Earth, special parts of the body, and even your chakras.

They help you feel safe, develop trust, open up to new possibilities, receive unconditional love, protect your energy field from negativity and destructive electromagnetic fields, and much more.

Observe how you can connect and expand your consciousness. Learn which card creates a bubble of light around your home, and how to safeguard yourself from your mobile phone and router’s microwave radiation. Although this workshop is online, most people can feel the energy of the personal and group balances strongly.

To practice during or after the workshop, it might be useful to occasionally have the opportunity to work on a family member. However, it also works well on a chart for distance balancing.

The various Vortex Patterns affect a multitude of issues, e.g. the immune system, the hormones, digestion, skin or structure. With Zoom, we will practice on each other through so called “breakout rooms” so you can experience the effect on yourself directly.


What more?

What we also briefly cover in the Vortex workshop: The Circle book and Tree of Life Book with its wonderful and quick use for oneself or for distant healing on family and clients. It’s not necessary to own all the cards and tools for participating in this workshop. One can buy the cards locally at a later stage and just learn and experience online. The learning never stops, as Jeff brings through a new card or tool whenever the new energies require this.

On Wednesday, 22 April at 3 PM, for approx. 2-3 hours, we will together cover the latest cards like the “Torus cards”, “Restore card” and the “Flow cards” inclusive of learning on how to place the Flow cards in the home for 5G protection, and for the setting and experiencing of the latest “Virus pattern”. Repeat students may join just for this, as an “update”. It will cost them $ 20

Costs for this online workshop: $ 160 per person, inclusive of beautiful training manual and charts. REPEAT STUDENTS only pay $ 140

To qualify, you need to have done at least Body Spin, ideally Module 1 or higher.

Following this workshop, I will offer the very useful HOME ALIGNMENT WORKSHOP over 3 days, with lots of opportunities during the course to work on your own home or office space. Who is interested?

To book or enquire, please send an email with your name and contact details, as well as your level of training to [email protected]

or whatsapp me at +41 76 390 9171 so I can send you this information as a PDF or directly the link for the workshop log-in.


I so much look forward to hearing from you and experiencing these amazing healing tools together with you.  Love, Reni

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